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Personalization, empowerment and accountability are now more powerful than ever. Spark Engagement’s proprietary Measures, Engagement Model and Individual Profiles encompass all these and deliver insights for the 21st Century workplace.

Personalization, empowerment and accountability are now more powerful than ever. Spark Engagement’s proprietary Measures, Engagement Model and Individual Profiles encompass all these and deliver insights for the 21st Century workplace.

Extensive research

Extensive research forms the foundation of our world-leading employee engagement system. Our employee engagement products & services constantly evolve to establish a robust, reliable engagement system for today and tomorrow. What’s more, we can integrate with your existing solutions to jump start programs that have slowed and need a refresh.

Spark also offers certification to bring your engagement program in-house and we provide leadership development programs to build organization-wide passion team by team.

4 distinct program elements

Engagement is perceived as the responsibility of the executives or management team with individuals “waiting to see” how leaders are going to fix things.
EACH person who participates in the Spark survey receives a confidential, personalized report which leads to:
  • Individual accountability. Everyone gains the knowledge and tools to work together to make their own work experience better, their team’s work life better, as well as the overall culture.
  • Context. The profiles explain why someone feels the way he or she does. Our algorithm provides a description of the current state of engagement and why one feels this way.
  • Action Ready. We identify the engagement drivers that are strengths and the blockers; and, give specific ideas to action within the individual’s control.
Commitments, historical data, contractual obligations or familiarity prevent creating a “stacked” program -- leveraging the best of multiple vendors to increase efficacy.
We create customized solutions to complement your current programing.
  • We offer the “missing pieces”.
  • Our personalized, individual reports close the gap between individual needs and collective reporting.
  • Our validated and proprietary 8-State Engagement Model allows individuals or groups to situate themselves in their work and to self-coach.
Pages and pages of data, without a clear message and direction, leads many executives and managers into “analysis paralysis”, resulting in non-action or cumbersome engagement programs, delaying impact.
Our reports contain algorithms that highlight the 3 most relevant strengths and 3 most critical improvement areas. Focus creates traction and impact giving you an ROI.
  • We are fully automated, and reports are available immediately after the survey closes, so clients can get to work right away on making a difference.
Engagement surveys are comprised of unrelated, random questions that don’t “add up” to a conclusion, an overall picture of the organization, or an actionable direction; therefore, ROI is compromised.
With over 20 years of applied global research and 10,000 users, Spark delivers relevant insight and benchmarks. We are 100% science based.
    Why Science Matters:
  • We measure the actual emotional reality of your employees and not simply their opinions.
  • Science eliminates the guesswork: the questions to ask are known (30 is all you need!); and, the data that results is reliable.
  • You will be able to direct your time, efforts and resources on areas that will make the greatest difference and result in ROI.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

  • It will complement your collective efforts, by personalizing an action plan that will fulfill individual needs – something a collective report cannot do by its very nature.
  • Helping individuals identify their drivers and blockers of engagement PLUS giving them the tools to self-manage is almost always the missing piece of any engagement program.
  • Spark engagement drivers fully align with your existing program; we will focus at the individual level to augment your overall program.
  • Employee engagement is a workplace approach designed to ensure that employees care about their organization's goals and values (an emotional commitment), are motivated to contribute to organizational success, and feel fulfilled by their work.
  • Passionate employees are fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work and so take every opportunity, through discretionary effort, to further the organization's reputation and interests, which are aligned to their own sense of purpose and progress.
  • There are many organizations that offer engagement services, but Spark is one of the only companies that focuses solely on driving results through employee engagement for 20 years.
  • Engagement has been proven to improve the customer experience; boost profitability; improve quality, productivity & performance; build the brand; increased innovation; improve employee advocacy, drive loyalty and attract the right employees.
  • Engaged organizations have been proven to grow profits as much as 3x faster than their competitors with proactive employee engagement programs.
  • Employee Engagement is a strategy many organizations adopt to achieve business goals, such as increased productivity and performance. It also supports objectives such as recruiting and retaining top talent and employee advocacy.
  • Rather than thinking of employee engagement as an HR program, it’s wise to think of it as a core business strategy.
  • If your business strategy is, for example, product differentiation, then asking yourself, "How do we engage employees’ discretionary effort in service of this strategy?"
  • At Spark, we know the critical engagement drivers needed to drive passion at work. Each of these engagement drivers can be placed in the context of any business strategy. We can customize an engagement program by aligning the drivers to specific business strategies.
  • We are 100% science based. Twenty years of global research has provided a core set of questions that "add up" to an engagement profile. We have identified 8 Engagement States that sit within a Model that can be used without a survey to coach and lead, either oneself or others.
  • We start with the individual and build individual, team and organizational profiles. Everyone who participates in the survey gets a personalized report. It’s comprehensive and a powerful tool for self-managing passion at work. We also have team and group reports so accountability is shared at all levels, including the individual. All reports identify the 3 critical action items.
  • We are fully automated and produce reports within hours of the survey closing, including action plans; so, you can get to work right away on making a difference. Our survey only takes 6-8 minutes, reports are available immediately, and the science behind the survey allows us to provide direction for action based on one-pager group scorecards. There is no analysis paralysis or the need to “figure out what to do”. It’s all there in the reporting in an easy-to-understand way.
  • Retention and engagement are intimately related.
  • For some employees, it might be too late to retain them. There is a point of no return.
  • Once we have your employee data, we can launch a survey immediately and get your reports to you within hours of the survey closing. PLUS, we can tell you what to address first.

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